R&S OSP Open Switch and Control Platform


The modular R&S®OSP open switch and control platform can be used to perform RF switch and control tasks. A number of optional modules make the R&S®OSP ideal for a wide range of applications from simple RF switch functions to automatic path switchover in complex RF test systems such as EMC systems.


Key Facts

  • Compact size requiring little space
  • Optimal configuration by selecting the appropriate switch and control modules
  • Plug & play makes complex installation superfluous
  • Path control allows easy, reliable and independent switching of different switching paths using only one command
  • Easy generation of switching configurations owing to intuitive operating menu
  • Flexible system integration via Ethernet interface
  • Operation on the instrument ensures fast and direct access
  • The R&S®OSP150 extension unit allows the range of functions to be expanded as necessary

Special modules for EMC applications