R&S ESRP EMI Test Receiver


The R&S®ESRP EMI test receiver has been designed for diagnostic measurements during development and for precompliance measurements in order to prepare products for final certification testing. It measures electromagnetic disturbances in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 7 GHz, using either conventional stepped frequency scan or an FFT-based time domain scan, a method that significantly speeds up measurements. At the same time, the R&S®ESRP is a full-featured, powerful signal and spectrum analyzer for lab applications. The R&S®ESRP comes with a straightforward menu structure that combines with the intuitive touchscreen to make the test receiver very easy to operate in any mode.

The R&S®ESRP EMI test receiver uses an FFT-based time domain scan to carry out EMI measurements that took hours in the past in just a fraction of this time. This considerably cuts time and cost in product development and in preparing the product for final certification. An optional preselection function prevents overloading of the frontend and ensures reproducible results. The R&S®ESRP comes with tried-and-tested functions such as IF analysis for displaying the spectrum around disturbance signals, or spectrogram display in the analyzer mode, to help users analyze disturbance signals. The neatly organized menu structure makes it easy to navigate to a desired function or setting.

The instrument can simultaneously display up to six different traces on its 21 cm (8.4") touchscreen for fast, effective result analysis. Featuring compact dimensions, low weight, an optional ruggedized housing and optional DC power supply, the R&S®ESRP is perfectly suited also for mobile applications.


Key Facts

  • EMI test receiver and signal/spectrum analyzer combined in one box
  • Optional preselection and preamplifier (R&S®ESRP-B2)
  • Resolution bandwidths in line with CISPR, optionally in decade steps from 10 Hz to 1 MHz (R&S®ESRP-B29)
  • Weighting detectors: max. peak, min. peak, average, RMS, quasi-peak, average with meter time constant, and RMS in line with current CISPR 16-1-1 version
  • Standard-compliant disturbance measurements for pulsed disturbances with repetition frequencies ≥ 10 Hz (with R&S®ESRP-B2 preselection/preamplifier option)
  • Very fast FFT-based time domain scan as an option (R&S®ESRP-K53)
  • Automatic test routines
  • IF analysis as an option (R&S®ESRP-K56)