Puntas de Corriente

Current Probe EZ-17
Electromagnetic emission and susceptibility measurements in the range
20 Hz to 100 (200) MHz



Key Facts


  • Wide frequency range
  • High sensitivity
  • High load capacity for DC and AC currents (300 A)
  • Small dimensions in spite of large inner diameter (30 mm)
  • Simple clamping thanks to springloaded mechanism
  • Calibrated to CISPR 16-1-2



Owing to their high magnetic overload capacity, the Current Probes . EZ-17 can be used on three-phase power lines with currents up to 300 A withoutany adverse effect on the result of the RF current measurement. The small dimensions – despite the large inner diameter – and the simple clamping mechanismallow the current probes to be used even where space is at a premium.


Análisis de Modulación AM y FM con un Osciloscopio RTO de Rohde & Schwarz