R&S CMW500 Cellular UMTS LTE Tester


R&S®CMW500 UMTS LTE  Test: one tester for all phases of development


The R&S®CMW500 is a compact solution for fast and precise production testing of current and

future wireless devices from basic mobile pones to the most sophisticated PDAs. The multitechnology platform allows users to implement the concept of a lean production line from start to finish: A single measuring instrument covers all RF test requirements.


Key Facts


  • Base model: general-purpose RF power meter and CW generator with List modes for fast calibration of Wireless devices
  • Vector signal analyzer (VSA) for transmitter verification
  • Vector signal generator (VSG) for receiver testing
  • Signaling (network emulation) for functional testing
  • Reference RF power measurement enabled by direct connection of R&S®NRP-Zxx power sensors
  • Easy connection to wireless devices with complex RF architecture by using the integrated RF interface
  • State-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI)
  • SCPI remote control via LAN/GPIB interface
  • Ready for LXI Class C
  • Process controller with Windows® XP operating system


Just one 19" box for all technologies

Support of cellular and non-cellular wireless technologies as well as of broadcast technologies