Atenuador de Pasos


R&S®RSC Step Attenuator

Brief Description

The R&S®RSC is a switchable, mechanical step attenuator. It is available in various models with different upper frequency limits (6 GHz or 18 GHz), maximum attenuation ranges and minimum settable step sizes. R&S®RSC can also control external step attenuators with frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz or 67 GHz.


Key Facts

  • Step attenuators with frequency ranges up to 6 GHz, 18 GHz, 40 GHz and 67 GHz
  • Maximum attenuation ranges up to 139.9 dB, 139 dB, 115 dB and 75 dB
  • Minimum step sizes of 0.1 dB, 1 dB and 5 dB
  • Besides the internal attenuator, up to four external attenuators can be controlled (R&S®RSC-Z405, 40 GHz or R&S®RSC-Z675, 67 GHz)
  • Outstanding accuracy due to frequency response correction and user calibration

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to meet individual application requirements
    • R&S®RSC with internal step attenuator
    • R&S®RSC with external step attenuator/s
    • Easy integration into automated test systems
    • Intuitive operation and straightforward display
      • Key parameters at a glance
      • Automatic detection and individual configuration of external step attenuators
      • Always the correct signal level
        • High attenuation accuracy
        • Exceptional repeatability of 0.02 dB
        • High maximum input level and good matching
        • Fast switching times and wear-free use in production
        • Diverse correction modes
  • Frequency response correction
  • Absolute or relative attenuation display
  • Display of overall attenuation including external components