Audio Analyzer

Compact instrument for all audio measurements

The R&S®UPV enables users to perform virtually all measurements that are necessary in the audio world: frequency response measurement, total harmonic distortion (THD) displays, spectral displays, analysis of digital interfaces, and much more. The generator is just as versatile. It can be used to create any conceivable signal from sinewave and noise signals up to multi-sinewave signals.

The instrument features scalable graphical windows that can be moved around on the screen as needed, providing all measurement results at a glance. Results can be displayed in realtime for one or both channels and can optionally be expanded to a maximum of 16 channels. Multiple measurement functions/graphics are available simultaneously. For example, analyses in the frequency and time domains can be displayed at the same time. With graphics, results can be read off using vertical and horizontal cursors, and limit lines or stored measurement results can be superimposed on them or compared with them.


Key facts


  • Suitable for all interfaces (analog, digital and combined)
  • Simultaneous display of multiple measurement functions
  • Sampling rate up to 400 kHz
  • User-programmable filters for analyzer and generator
  • Compact instrument with integrated PC
  • Slots for future options


All test signals and measurement functions in a single box


  • Generation of a wide variety of analog and – by using the R&S®UPV-B2/-B41/-B42 options – digital test signals
  • Extensive measurement capabilities, on analog and also – when the R&S®UPV-B2/-B41/-B42 options are installed – digital interfaces
  • Efficient as well as multichannel FFT analysis with a resolution down to the mHz range
  • User-programmable filters adaptable to the measurement task at hand in a matter of seconds
  • Everything included, no peripherals required


Largest variety of interfaces offered in a single instrument


  • Analog generator outputs as standard
  • Dual-channel analyzer with analog inputs as standard
  • Expansion to 8 or 16 measurement channels (R&S®UPV-B48 option)
  • Digital audio interfaces (R&S®UPV-B2 option)
  • Digital protocol analysis and generation (R&S®UPV-K21 option)
  • Jitter and interface test (R&S®UPV-K22 option)
  • Test of audio ICs with I2S interface (R&S®UPV-B41 option)
  • Virtually any audio circuit adaptable using the universal serial interface (R&S®UPV-B42 option)
  • PDM bitstream analysis (R&S®UP-K421 option)
  • For both the generator and analyzer, all interfaces can be adjusted independently of one another, and they may be used together in any combination


 Options for further applications


  • R&S®UPV-B1 low distortion generator for extremely pure analog sinewave signals and for expanding the frequency range
  • Second analog generator (R&S®UPV-B3) for generating different sinewave signals on the two analog output channels
  • Simultaneous pickup of measurement values for up to 16 analog channels with the R&S®UPV-B48 option (eight channels each)
  • 192 kHz R&S®UPV-B2 digital audio I/O with digital audio interfaces in line with AES/EBU and in consumer format
  • Universal digital interfaces (R&S®UPV-B42) or in IÇS format (R&S®UPV-B41) for connecting digital audio circuits
  • PDM bitstream analysis (R&S®UPV-K421) as an add-on to the R&S®UPV-B42 option
  • Expanded analysis functions with the R&S®UPV-K6 option
  • PESQ® measurement1) (R&S®UPV-K61 option) for analyzing speech signals in line with psycho-acoustic methods
  • PEAQ® measurement1) (R&S®UPV-K62 option) for analyzing broadband audio signals in line with psychoacoustic methods
  • POLQA® measurement1) (R&S®UPV-K63 option) for analyzing broadband speech quality in line with psychoacoustic methods
  • Standard-compliant measurement of hearing aids using the R&S®UPV-K7 and R&S®UPV-K71 options
  • R&S®UPV-K9/-K91/-K92 option package for acoustic measurements on mobile phones
  • R&S®UPV-K4 remote control option for remote control of the R&S®UPV audio analyzer
  • R&S®UPV-K1 universal sequence controller for creating and executing measurement sequences
  • Change of the source impedance from 200 Ω to 150 Ω (R&S®UPV-U1 option)
  • BNC monitoring outputs (R&S®UPV-U2 option)
  • XLR/BNC adapter set (R&S®UP-Z1MF option)
  • R&S®UPZ audio switcher for switching up to 128 channels to the inputs and outputs