Audio Analyzer Multichannel and costefficient, for use in the lab and in production


The compact cost-efficient R&S®UPP audio analyzer is designed for system applications. It features low height, and comes without front-panel control elements or integrated display. The instrument can be remote-controlled via LAN, USB or IEC/IEEE bus. In combination with an external monitor, mouse and keyboard, it becomes a manually operable measuring instrument for a lab bench. It has an integrated control PC, and the required software is already installed. Users can start taking measurements right away.


Key Facts


  • Suitable for all interfaces: analog, digital and combined
  • Parallel measurements on up to eight channels
  • Up to 80 kHz bandwidth and 200 kHz sampling rate
  • User-programmable filters for analyzer and generator
  • Compact instrument with integrated PC and low height


All test signals and measurement functions in a single box

  • Generation of a wide variety of analog and – with the
  • R&S®UPP-B2/B4 option – also digital test signals
  • Broad scope of measurements on both analog and – with the R&S®UPP-B2/B4 option – digital interfaces
  • Powerful and even multichannel FFT analysis with resolution down to the mHz range
  • User-programmable filters that can be adapted in seconds to the individual measurement task
  • Integrated control PC; manual operation requires only an external monitor and a mouse and keyboard


Large variety of interfaces in a single instrument

  • Two-, four- or eight-channel analyzer with analog inputs
  • Analog generator outputs (two-channel)
  • AES/EBU and S/P DIF interfaces for measuring digital audio components (R&S®UPP-B2 option)
  • I2S interfaces for testing audio ICs (R&S®UPP-B2 option)
  • HDMI device testing (R&S®UPP-B4 option)
  • Interfaces for the generator and analyzer can be set independently of one another and used together in any combination


Options for further applications

  • R&S®UPP-B2 option providing digital audio interfaces in line with AES/EBU and S/P DIF as well as IÇS interfaces
  • R&S®UPP-K21 digital audio protocol
  • R&S®UPP-B4 HDMI and digital audio interfaces
  • R&S®UPP-K41 Dolby® decoding 1)
  • R&S®UPP-K45 extended audio/video measurements
  • R&S®UPP-K601 1/n octave analysis
  • R&S®UPP-K800 cascading software for combining multiple R&S®UPP audio analyzers for parallel measurement of more than eight channels
  • XLR/BNC adapter sets
  • Connecting cables for digital interfaces
  • R&S®UPZ audio switcher for switching input and output channels



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