Amplificador de RF (Banda Ancha), familia modular y de alto desempeño

Amplificador de RF Modelo R&S BBA100 

The R&S®BBA100 broadband amplifiers are suitable for a variety of applications in EMC environments, communications, research and physical engineering. They are optimally scalable and configurable. Due to their modular design, the amplifiers can be tailored to meet specific requirements with regard to output power and frequency range.


The user interface (both on the instrument and via web browser) allows efficient operation, and various remote control interfaces make it possible to integrate the amplifier into automated environments and systems. Extension units accommodate additional amplifier units, allowing the R&S®BBA100 to be expanded into a system featuring higher power and/or multiple frequency bands.



Key Facts

  • Frequency range from 9 kHz to 1 GHz
  • Output power up to 1000 W
  • 100 % mismatch tolerance
  • Suitable for amplitude, frequency, phase and pulse modulation
  • Software-updatable system controller with versatile control and configuration options
  • Wide-range AC power supplies
  • Three-year warranty


Modular, flexible, ready for the future

  • Amplifier modules in two sizes
  • Base unit and extension unit
  • Desktop or rack model
  • Software-updatable system controller
  • The R&S®BBA100 ”grows” with the requirements


Versatile remote control options

  • Many interfaces
  • Ethernet
  • Optical Ethernet
  • GPIB
  • USB
  • Integration into the R&S®EMC32 measurement software


Advanced user interface

  • New in amplifiers: real graphical user prompting
  • Fully graphics-capable display for easy operation directly on the instrument
  • Local and remote operation via web browser and PC


Unique safety concept

  • Three independent interlocks
  • Continued operation while changing test setup